The Black Box

Who we are?

The black boxes are our specialty. We deal with them for over thirty years. If you have a problem in that matter, we will help you. We'll do the readouts, diagnostics or the analysis of flight data. We offer an emergency assistance and continued cooperation. OKAEL means advantageous usage of flight data, and that means greater safety and efficiency of flight operations.

The black box is a term strongly associated with the analysis of flight data. In this process, also known as FDM (Flight Data Monitoring), FDA (Flight Data Analysis) or FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance - USA), FDRs (Flight Data Recorders) or QARs (Quick Access Recorders) are widely used. Currently, many airlines, especially those operating with aircrafts over 20 tonnes, collects, processes and analyzes the recorded flight parameters. Early detection of hazardous conditions in the flight, of overrunning the operating envelope, of going beyond the performance parameters of engines and other elements of equipment helps to prevent the occurrence of accidents and to maintain a high level of safety and effectiveness of the flight operations. This action is one of the elements of SMS - Safety Management System.
OKAEL Ltd. Co. continues in above subject the work of the former Department of Flight Data Analysis of LOT Polish Airlines. Establishing of this department was necessary in the light of the accidents that had occurred in the 80's with LOT's airplanes, mainly of the Ilyushin Il-62M. It was also, among other recommendations, the realization of one of the requirements of the aviation authority. The entering in the late 80's of corrective actions and parameters monitoring in conjunction with the innovative solutions of native ATM company and a prudential policy of safety and quality in the operational and technical areas enabled to LOT Polish Airlines nearly two and a half decades of flying without disaster. This was due to, among others, daily conscientious performance of duties by OKL employees, who have done since the beginning more than one million two hundred thousand analyzes almost all of the LOT Polish Airlines flights. Our employees have over 30 years of experience in readings of flight recorders, in analyzing of accidents and incidents, in the preparation of periodic exceedances reports, as well as in the creation of applications supporting FDM.
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