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The main task of Flight Data Analysis Department in LOT Polish Airlines is contained in the name itself, as well as diagnosis and monitoring of various recorders, so called black boxes. In addition, we participated in the investigation of aviation accidents like Lufthansa Airbus A320 and LOT's B767 at Okecie airport in 1993, the helicopter PZL W-3 Sokol in the Tatra Mountains in 1994, and we supported with our resources, assistance and facilities the Main Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission. Several times we took a part on behalf of the Polish government in the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO in Montreal during the works of flight recorders panel. Our current trade as the company OKAEL Ltd. Co. is still black boxes and their derivatives, and what you can bring with them, so either after an accident or to prevent accidents. The principles and objectives of the analyzes performed by us are contained in the publication, which was prepared for the Third Polish Conference of Avionics - Waplewo, 2001.

Participation in projects, teams, conferences


1988 - Our history started after the crash of Ilyushin Il-62M SP-LBG, which occurred on May 9, 1987 in Kabaty. Government commission's report contained a number of recommendations, in this point. 2: "Improve the work of Flight Data Analysis Team (named OKL) in LOT Polish Airlines through its computerization and the involvement of experts in the field of pilotage and navigation, as well as improving its organizational structure.

1989 - Start of cooperation with the ATM company, which supported the hardware and software for flight data analysis. LOT's' aircrafts of Soviet's manufacturers and the first B767 were equipped with recorders type of QAR, and FDS program (Flight Data Service) served in their processing. Both ATM products were the basis of our work for nearly 24 years.

1990 - Development and production by ATM and testing by the OKL of new hardware and software based on the standard ARINC.

1991 - Installation and start of exploitation of ATM solutions on airplanes type ATR-72.

1993 - Start of B737 aircrafts operations based on hardware and software solutions GSE of SFIMM.

1993 - Participation in the work of the international commission investigating the crash of Lufthansa A320 at Okecie and the Polish commission investigating hard landing of B767 SP-LPA.

1994 - Installation and ongoing operation of ATM solutions (QR3) on B737 aircraft.

1994 - The work for the committee investigating the accident of helicopter PZL W-3 Sokol in the Tatra Mountains.

1995 - Participation in the work of the Flirec Panel of International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO in Montreal.

1996 - Cooperation with Polish Aviation Authority at expanding operational permits for LOT Polish Airlines in terms of CAT. II landings.

1997 - Participation in the project "Merlin" - providing operational data from the flight recorders to the maintenance programme.

1997 - Preparation the program in OKL for cooperation with Eurolot SA (operational calculations and crews planning).

1998 - Cooperation LOT-ICM: providing data for the creation of programs to optimize the distribution of connections.

1998 - Another participation in the team Flirec Panel of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO in Montreal.

1999 - Project CARI with Institute of Nuclear Physics in Krakow - providing data from the Atlantic flights to the calculation of ionizing radiation.

2001 - III Conference of Avionics Waplewo - paper of Ryszard Witkowski: Flight Data Processing and Analysis in LOT Polish Airlines

2002 - Cooperation with the Brazilian aviation authority and Honeywell for certification of Embraer 170

2004 - IV Conference of Avionics Polańczyk - paper of Ryszard Witkowski and Piotr Lipiec: Aircraft Condition Monitoring System ACMS

2005 - Entering of aircrafts with new types of QAR, recording data on magneto-optical disks, PCMCIA cards and memories type CF to the operation.

2006 - Servicing in terms of the analysis of flight data recorders and diagnosis of New Carrier - Centralwings.

2007 - V Conference of Avionics Polańczyk - paper of Ryszard Witkowski: Wireless flight data transmission systems in airlines

2009 - Work on the implementation of the new recording system for aircraft flight parameters of B787 Dreamliner based on the ARINC 767 Standard

2010 - VI Conference of Avionics Bezmiechowa - paper of Ryszard Witkowski: Where are you going the black box?

2012 - Start of B787 Dreamliner aircrafts operations and implementation of the new solutions in Flight Data Analysis (*.xml format and Aerobytes software).

2013 - Outsourcing of Flight Data Analysis Department from LOT Polish Airlines and establishing of OKAEL Ltd. Co.